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Thank you. =]

C R E A M & P E A C H

I think I’m finally on track, university is over and I can now spend my time doing what I love and enjoy.

I’ve now got a photographer which means I can blog as frequently as a like, i’m on my way to creating my website which will give me a platform to lay out all my work as of right now I only use Tumblr and Instagram, i’m now having sewing lessons once a week which I’m so excited about I can finally begin to learn the skills I need to start creating my own clothing and I think I’ve finally found my style.

In the past I used to be in conflict with my self about how plain my outfits should be, but now I just embrace the simplicity in my outfits, every blogger has their own style and I guess being plain and simple is mine. I love plain clothing, when i’m in black, ivory or white is when I feel the most confident in myself.So the natural thing for me to do is cary on wearing what makes me feel best in my skin and I hope you guys like that.

I hope you enjoy this look and stay posted for fridays casual look

Love The Messy Wardrobe =]

Top - Zara |Skirt - Miss Selfridges £ 35.00 |Shoes - Office £58.00 |Rings - Accessorize |Head Jewellery - Accessorize £17.00